Future of fashion is expressive freedom.
My mother gave me a pencil when I was really young. The expression on paper was a big part of my development of taste and imagination. Later, I saw a pure form of expression through individual style elements in the graffiti culture and its streetwear. Although my family has protested against painting fences and concrete walls. I was captured forever by the nonviolent militaristic aspect of making graffiti and its interpretation through clothes.
I chose to pursue an artistic career at the Rhode Island School of Design in the Apparel Department. The most magnificent part about art, lives in the transition from two dimensional to a three-dimensional realm, within the endless boundaries of this transition I find the most potential for growth. My objective is to continue learning and investigating what Apparel Design could be, and how emotional attachment to clothes can decrease the rate of consumption and waste. With attention to elements of style, which I found in graffiti, the most important aspect for me is to reject the rules in order to come up with the set of individual design principles. I believe as an apparel student, that there has been done serious damage to our planet through pollution of the fast fashion industry, therefore it is a choice that one has to make working sustainably and leaving a small imprint.